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Balance between latest PC technology and long-term availability of control

The personal computer has experienced an unprecedented success story and has become a firmly established part of everyday life, including industrial environments. Together with associated software, PCs in different shapes and forms are at the core of a wide range of diverse automation tasks such as control of machines, processes or logistics systems, networking of system components, data acquisition, or image processing. For classic control tasks, PC-based control technology offers excellent scalability and flexibility and is therefore increasingly used in place of hardware PLCs. more


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Multi-touch Panel PCs

Multi-touch Panel PCs: The Panel PCs with industry-standard multi-touch displays are suitable for control cabinet (CP2xxx) or mounting arm installation (CP3xxx).

Single-touch Panel PCs

Single-touch Panel PCs: A Panel PC consisting of a Control Panel and an Industrial PC is suitable for control cabinet (CP6xxx) or mounting arm installation (CP7xxx).

Control cabinet Industrial PCs

Control cabinet Industrial PCs: Industrial PCs for control cabinet installation can be scaled in size and performance class, depending on the application.

Multi-touch Control Panels

Multi-touch Control Panels: The Control Panels with industry-standard multi-touch displays can be connected via DVI/USB Extended or CP-Link 4.

Single-touch  Control Panels

Single-touch Control Panels: The Control Panels used as human-machine interfaces in conjunction with the high-performance Industrial PCs round off a system with their elegant design.

Explosion-proof panel solution

Explosion-proof panel solution: With the CPX Panel series models, the proven multi-touch technology of Beckhoff Control Panels and Panel PCs is available in even more robust versions, complying with the requirements for use in hazardous areas classified Zone 2/22.