PC-based Control for AV and Media Technology PC-based Control for AV and Media Technology

One control platform for all automation tasks

New thinking brings about new technological demands: whereas multimedia applications, building automation and entertainment concepts were previously implemented separately, all disciplines must now interconnect intelligently. This stems from the complexity of the applications and the comfort standards now demanded in buildings of all kinds. As a platform for centralised control, PC-based control from Beckhoff provides the answer. From audio/video control to control of show effects and device management, as well as newer concepts such as condition monitoring - all disciplines are directly linked with the integrated building automation system. The advantages become immediately clear: all system information is available to the user on one platform due to the inherent continuity and flexibility provided by PC-based control. Operation is simplified, comfort levels are increased and costs can be reduced.

The modular automation concepts from Beckhoff are based on a broad range of powerful Industrial PCs, I/O components for a large variety of signals, the high-speed EtherCAT communication system, universal TwinCAT automation software, along with highly dynamic drive technology components. Control solutions that span numerous application areas – from industrial and machine automation to wind farm networking through to intelligent building automation, including media technology applications – can be implemented effectively and economically. References from all around the world validate the reliability of the control components and the expertise of Beckhoff in countless industries and applications.

Maximum performance level scalability, modularity, reliability and long-term availability of components make PC-based automation technology from Beckhoff the ideal toolbox to implement leading-edge media technology applications. Moreover, PC-based control offers excellent connectivity from the I/O, or field level, to the cloud.

Media technology and building automation integrated into one control platform

At the heart of the Beckhoff control platform, robust Industrial PCs or embedded controllers using TwinCAT as the universal automation software integrate PLC, visualisation, motion control, safety technology and measurement technology tasks. Beckhoff I/O systems can be used to connect the whole range of sensors and actuators. This includes devices used for daylight-dependent lighting and facade control to control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning through to show lighting, sound and projection control. EtherCAT, the real-time-enabled fieldbus system, provides the necessary communication speeds.

Through the integration of all communications protocols typically found in the areas of A/V, multimedia, building automation and show technology into the PC control platform, all devices from a wide range of manufacturers can be connected and controlled. Because the system is modular throughout, its functionality can be easily extended, for example, by adding an I/O terminal that supports the required signal.

The various hardware components and their functionalities are programmed and configured in uniform software using TwinCAT.

Beckhoff is a member of:
VPLT, Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik e. V. (Association for Media and Event Technology)